Yes we are still here, Just very very busy
Written by Lionel
March 21, 2014
Hello folks , once again I am back and updating the website with new creations. It has been a busy time for us and there has been little time to update, I would like to also link you to our gallery here on Deviant art . http://thundolis.deviantart.com/gallery/ So onward to the news We are now getting noticed by some of the larger companies and recently built an item for Adam Savage of Mythbusters fame. So we are getting out there in the world. So keep watching! we have a lot more to upload as time permits between the flurry of creations. ...
Lion of the sun, where Imagination can come to life
Written by Lionel
April 23, 2008
My motto is to try and bring the best possible costuming to life within the price range of the average person. Although I can to commercial level work with commercial level materials if required, much of what you see here will not set you back the tens of thousands most professional production houses charge. I have countless years of experience in engineering and was an engineer well before I was an artist. I have a background in both robotics and electronics. Also with extensive background in leatherwork. I can do detailed armor and costuming to fill out the full look of the creature you are looking for. My masks come standard with articulated jaws that move with yours, and I can design and install electronic and mechanical modules to fit your needs. Dragon head with smoke? Need a video camera installed...
Announcing the Cold Sun Costume cooling system
Written by Lionel
June 5, 2008
We are proud to announce the newest technological advancement for costumers everywhere. Now relief is available the near heatstroke of summer days in your costume. The Cold Sun system from Lion of the sun productions combines equipment used by the US military for its pilots with the latest in high output brushless fan, Thermostat and battery technology. Cold Sun Cooling System"

This is a fresh air circulation system designed to go under any standard costume setup. Fresh air is pulled in through the beltpack and is forced through 2 ventilation panels over your core front and back. Air vents in the collar blow fresh air over your neck. A separate ventilation hose can ...